Saturday, March 5, 2016

Paper Piecing at WonderFil Threaducation Centre

I'll be teaching a paper piecing class at the WonderFil Threaducation Centre Saturday, April 9.  I'm excited as I don't teach this class often and as a result, I don't paper piece very often.  I do like to paper piece, I just find that I get sidetracked and do other things and leave paper piecing alone for a while.

There are many methods of paper piecing, but my favourite is a combination of a few methods. I`ll be teaching this super easy method at the class.  You won`t need any extra tools other than regular rotary cutting tools and thread snips.  I am essentially a lazy and impatient person, so I am always looking for a faster and easier way to do ALL things in my life.  I`ll share all my little tricks and tips with you in the class.

I'll be teaching students how to PAPER PIECE while you  work on a project of your choice. We are promoting the class using The Jungle Abstractions Quilt: THE LION by Violet Craft, but students are welcome to choose a pattern we have at the Threaducation Centre or bring along your own.  I have a few that will be available.

This is the Wild & Goosey block from Bonnie Hunter.  The blocks finish at 3" each.  Sew 4 together and you'll have 6" blocks.  These are super easy and unfortunately, hardly make a dent in your scraps.  If you come to class and choose to make these blocks, bring plenty of scraps and we'll share! 

This is pineapple block.  It finishes at 7 1/2".  An odd size I know, but I was going for the largest size block I could print on my printer.  By sewing the blocks in alternating colour ways, you will end up with diagonal lines and circles.  I call the pattern Xs and Os.  Don`t see the Xs and Os`?  Squint as you look at the picture.  The effect will be much clearer with more blocks.

The next 4 quilts are supper mini Woven Geese.  This is a pattern I wrote many years ago and still enjoy challenging myself to sew the tiny, tiny blocks occasionally.

The largest blocks are 3" in 6 shades of blue hand dyed fabrics.

The 2nd quilt is made up of  2 1/2" blocks.  I used 6 colours of the colour wheel - Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue.

Quilt #3 used 2" blocks in a hand dyed fabric gradation from Red to Blue

And finally the very mini's blocks are 1 1/2" in another hand dyed gradation from green to pink.

As I was preparing for the class, I decided to pull ideas from my saved files and found this Circle of Geese pattern.  I've always wanted to do this as a 12 step colour wheel on a black background.  As I didn't have any black fabric at home, I choose some Batik pre-cut 5" squares and repeated the 3 fabrics around the circle. 

I need to continue to work on the Lion.  This is a big project: 60" square, but it is going together well.  I hope to see you at the class.

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