Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt Sew Along, .......Long overdue post

September 29.  SEPTEMBER 29.....can you believe that I haven't really done anything on this quilt since my last post!!!!

Actually, I've sewn a few blocks, but not enough to brag about.  Thought I'd share a bit of my plans to maybe not get completely caught up, but well on the way.

The logical thing in my mind would be to sew each block in order.  The lovely folks at Gnome Angel are setting the schedule.  So, to keep from getting confused, I've put a little line to the right of each block that has been released as per the schedule. Some of those blocks have a cross hatch meaning I've sewn that block....Woot Woot!  AND I've put a "P" to the left of each block that I've printed to paper piece.   I'm starting to think that Paper Piecing may be a more efficient way for me to sew these blocks.

My first paper pieced block was Autumn. I printed the paper pattern and trimmed each section down.

From experience I've found that keeping the paper attached to the block until each edge is stitched to something else, keep the block from stretching the seams from coming undone.

I'm using the setting from the book, but I want to make a large queen size quilt.  I don't really want to make more than the 100 blocks, so I'm going to add a narrow sashing strip between the block rows. As I complete each block I'm going to sew them together into strip sets.  The idea is that once the blocks are done, the quilt will be done too!

I've printed up a number of blocks and will soon sit down (I hope) and stitch these up.

I may never get caught up, but I'll plod along anyway.

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