Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Finding my voice

I've been thinking a lot lately about who I am as a quilter.    I take classes.  I watch videos.  I buy books and magazines and try to practice everything I've learned.  I have been feeling that I'm in danger of loosing who I am as a quilter as I attempt to do what everyone else is doing.

I want to find my own voice.  I want to develop my own style of quilting.  I'm not patient enough to do a lot of ruler work or micro stitching. 

I like quilts that look like there has been a lot of time spent on them but are really quite simple.  When I design quilts it's a result of class ideas that I've taught.  I want to teach sewers and quilters techniques that take their work to new levels.

I like things to look difficult but are easy to accomplish

So, I am going to spend some time looking back at photos of quilts I have done and quilts I have liked at some point in the hope that I will be able to find my quilting voice.

Sunny Lanes Quilt - all over swirls in 4 x 4 blocks, Heavy Metal Swirls in Red and Blue HST
and Ribbon Swirls in Border.

Arabesque, Open Feathers swirls in the light blocks and swirls in the dark blocks add texture to the quilt.

Simple Strips - curls, flowers and leaves. 
Leaves and simple Curled Flowers define the light blocks and the darker sections.  
The border of this quilt was a combination of the Curled Flowers and Leaves used in the blocks.
All over swirls is a simple way to quilt and add texture.
Alternating Feathers, Figure 8 Loops and Straight lines emphasized the woven effect of the quilt.

Heavy Metal Quilting and all over background fill (in the white around the blue star)

I love feathers.  I want to work more on my feathers and fine tune my technique.

More background fill
Feathered blocks

So, there's some samplings of my style of quilting.  I need to pull out some more quilt tops and get to work.....FINDING MY VOICE.

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