Custom Quilts - general information

When you bring a quilt to Meadow Rose Quilting for custom quilting please remember the following

Quilt Consultation: Some things to consider before you come:
  • Pattern: do you have an idea of how you want the quilt quilted?  Bring any pictures, books or line drawings that can serve as inspiration.
  • Thread: I use Wonderfil cotton, polyester and rayon threads (30, 40 and 50wt) in solid and variegated colours.  I also use 80-100wt polyester thread for use in the bobbin and for fine stitching. You are welcome to supply your own thread.  Meadow Rose Quilting has the right to refuse the use of any thread.
    • The pattern and the thread need to be considered before a final decision on quilting pattern is made.
    • Thread Tails: I anchor the thread tails with short stitches and cut close to the fabric.  Make me aware of whether you want the tread tails left long so that you can sew them into the quilt.

Quilt Preparation:  Preparing your quilt for better quilting.

Quit top. The quilt top should be well pressed and the borders should not ripple in any way.  If you have a pieced border, curves or a bias along the quilt, you should stitch a seam 1/8" from the edge.
  • For smooth borders, measure top to bottom 3 times (each side and through the middle).  Use the average amount and cut the border this measurement and sew to each side of the quilt.  Repeat for the top and bottom edge by measuring side to side.  If you are in any doubt about how to sew your border on your quilt, please contact me and I can show you how. (there will be a blog post at some point).  I will charge extra if any border needs special treatment.
  • Place a large safety pin at the TOP edge.
  • Any imperfections (pleats, puckers, etc) may still be in the quilt after quilting.

Quilt Batting: I recommend a low loft batt.  The only exception would be a wool batt.  The batt should be flat. If you have purchased a package, it needs to be opened and the batting relaxed so no stretch marks or bumps are visible.   The batt should measure a minimum of 4" longer than the length and width of the quilt.
  • Batting is available for purchase.
Quilt Back: the back of the quilt should be larger all around than the batting you plan to use.  The backing should measure 6-10" larger than the width and the length of the quilt.  If the backing is pieced, make sure the seams are pressed open flat. Quilt backs will be loaded with the lengthwise grain parallel to the quilt poles.
  • I recommend that you use the same quality fabric in the backing as you did in the front of the quilt
  • Pieced backs need the same care and attention as the quilt front.  Yes, people will look a the back as much as they do the front!
  • Place a large safety pin at the TOP edge of the backing.

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