Friday, September 18, 2015

Challenge Quilt Group

I'm interested in becoming a part of a group of local (Calgary) quilters who would like to get together on a regular basis to challenge each other.  Anyone else interested?

Here is what I propose
  • we meet every 4-6 weeks
  • each meeting is hosted by a different group member
  • the host of each meeting will
    • set the theme for the meeting (guide an exploration of a different quilting/stitching technique)
    • determine the "challenge" for the coming time period. 
    • provide refreshments (as required)
    • chair the review of the challenge for each month
These are very simple "rules" but my idea is that the group would meet on a regular basis.  We would be challenged to make a quilt (something small, size to be agreed upon before we start) each time and bring the completed project for review.  We must be willing to give constructive comments on group member's projects and also willing to accept comments from other group members.

I feel that many times I am considered the "expert" in quilting and find that I want to take some time to be challenged to explore and learn something new.

Anyone interested in joining me?  I'll post on my facebook page and keep you informed.  meadow rose quilting

Happy Quilting 

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