Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Woven Vine and Roses Quilt - part 1

I've started the new year off the right way.   I promised myself that I would make a quilt this year!   Done! 
My parents came for Christmas.  I was wondering what we were going to do for 2 weeks.  We've always called my Mum the energizer bunny.....go, go, go.  So, I suggested we make a couple of quilts together. She brought her batik scraps and we used mine as well.  
Mum made a large lap quilt and I was able to sew enough blocks for a king size quilt (105" square).  I think it will fit my bed!!!!  We will have trouble finding a place to hang it so I can take a good picture.

I quilted Mum's quilt with an all over feather design.   On mine, I wanted to accentuate the woven pattern of the quilt.  So in the long sections, I quilted leaves and in each large light coloured block, I quilted a flower/rose.  I'm pleased with the effect. 
The good news......I had just enough thread left after finishing the quilting AND just enough fabric left from the binding!  
I posted pictures on Facebook and a number of people have asked for the pattern.  I'll include it in Part 2.

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