Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 quilting dream or hope-to list.

I read a post recently from Michelle about quilting 50 quilts in 2013.  I think that is an admirable goal...but don't think I can do that.  My goal or challenge for this year is to finish 14 quilts.  I mean bigger than a baby quilt or wall hanging.  I have 4 of my own quilt tops that just need to be quilted and bound and I have a few ideas for quilts I would like to make.  I have always said that I would like to have a different quilt on my bed for each month of the year.....I have one for January (Woven Vine & Roses).

Let's see how well I do.  I've dug through the filing cabinet (the storage chest of unfinished quilts) to see what's waiting for me.  The following is a list of quilt tops that are done, or almost done and should be finished this year. You may have noticed in the previous paragraph that I said I had 4 tops......guess I was wrong....15 and counting!

My giant broken star in blues and yellows....Always reminded me of fields of grains and a bright summer sky.
July 2014, the border is on.  The backing is prepared...just need to load and quilt.  

 Asian Stack and Whack
Aussie Stack n''s quilted.  I just have to trim and bind.  I'll post more about this quilt with pictures soon. (Completed)
 Batik Blazing Star....some strips cut....that's all.   :(
AHG Mystery.  I've already completed one of these.  But as with many mysteries, fabric choices are always a challenge.  I want to use the big blue circles for lots of quilting.
 Blue and White Dresden Plate
 Foothills Sampler
 2 Quilts to be given away  (Completed)
 Gordian Knot
Double 9 patch (Update....gave the top away to a friend who will finish it for her daughter!)
 Hand Dyed Lone Star
 Hand Dyed Pinks
Western Retreat Mystery (completed in May 2014 and put on display at Heritage Park Festival of Quilts.) completed
 Xs and Os - paper pieced scraps (gave away...see I do check things off one way or another)

I also have a black on black quilt.  Many of the blocks have been done.   The plan was to create a black on black quilt top and treat is as a background for some fantastical applique or whole cloth quilting!  Can't find it, but I know it's here somewhere. July 2014....found it.  Used some of the black FQ to make another quilt.  These blocks are safely tucked away in a labeled box.

I guess I am good for the year!  I know I will need to get fabrics to complete many of the projects....but I am going to try not to purchase any fabrics "just because".  Would love to have at least 14 posts this year showing 14 completed project.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Wow Allison - what a beautifully collection of quilts. Good luck in getting them quilted and make sure you have fun. Each and everyone is awesome!