Monday, April 11, 2016

Another Scrappy Quilt for my FAVOURITE customer!

I never know how my week will shape up.  I am scheduled to work in the WonderFil Threaducation Centre & Longarm Studio on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and the first 2 Saturdays of each month. This past Tuesday was a very quiet day and I was able to get a whole cloth quilt planned out and marked on the fabric.  I've committed to participating in the Calgary Longarm Quilt Group display at Heritage Park Festival of Quilts in May.  
My favourite customer (my mum) brought out another quilt top for me to quilt for her. We had the same backing issue as before....plenty long enough, but not wide enough.  So, I simply did the diagonal seam as per John Flynn instructions.  The backing ended up just wide enough and just long enough for the top.  My Dad helped me load the quilt and we were up and running.
Mum's usual comment is "Just do something simple and quick".  I like working on her quilts because no matter what I do it's always "WONDERFUL!".  So, I get to play and try out new quilting ideas without any worries.
Mum and Dad are visiting and going home tomorrow (Tuesday).  I knew I didn't have a lot of time to work on this quilt, so I did keep it simple.  I quilted large feathers in the border and the pieced blocks and I quilted a large ribbon meander in the background.  
This quilt was fun to stitch.  If I had planned out my stitching path, I may be been able to quilt without cutting the thread, but I was eager to get going and as a result did quilt myself into a few corners.
I love quilting with solid backs.  The quilting really shows and creates an almost reversible quilt.

The binding is machine stitched on and Mum will get the hand stitching finished when she get home.
She is stitching feverishly to finish the borders on another scrap quilt.  We won't get it done before she leaves tomorrow, but I'll quilt it for her and either mail it or hand deliver it when I am next in Winnipeg!

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