Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Design Wall

I have a small piece of flannel pinned to my wall and to put up a block or two, is OK.  But trying to lay out a whole quilt or a larger number of blocks, is not OK.   Pinterest reminded me that I can create a cheap and perfectly usable design wall with a flannel backed table cloth.

Dollar store to the rescue!  For all of $2 I was able to get myself a design wall that is perfect for the projects I have.  I pinned the table cloth to the wall with the flannel side out....  I will staple it to the wall when I find my box of staples for my empty stapler....The blocks will stick to the flannel and I won't have to worry about them falling down during the night!
Now, all 9 blocks are easy to see and I don't have to worry about them being too crowded.
The blocks are almost all stitched and now I need to choose block layout and sashing.  I had originally planned to use the dark brown block background for sashing and have the flowers "float" on the whole background.  I found this piece of batik yesterday, and now I am changing my mind.  The original plan was to do lots of flower and leaf quilting on this wall hanging.....mmmmm.

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