Monday, February 17, 2014

Sock Adventure #1

I have set myself a challenge for this year to complete a number of quilts in 2014.  I also want to knit a few pairs of socks.  I saw a picture on Pinterest a while ago with a drawer full of hand knit socks.

I am inspired.  Socks are a great take along - always with you project.  I try to keep my socks simple and usually use natural coloured yarn and then dye the socks when done or sometimes I'll dye the yarn before I knit it.

Let me show you what I have just finished.  These will be handed off to someone at work on Thursday.  We have a annual potluck lunch and gift exchange.  The theme is always socks with red or pink on them.

I always do a toe up sock.  I now use a figure 8 cast on and increase till I get to the required number of stitches then just knit away.

I've been knitting at work.  We've had a couple of weeks of cold weather and my dear hubby has driven me all the way to work instead of dropping me off at a bus stop along the way.  The down side is that I get to work over an hour early!  So, I sit at my desk and knit.  I've got a lot of knitting done.

Although the weather in Calgary has been quite cold, it has been very bright and clear.  We will often take a drive on a sunny Sunday afternoon out to Canmore.  If I don't have anything to do in the car, I fall asleep quite quickly...its a good thing I'm not driving. So I knit on the way out, an often do nap on the way back!

A Sunday afternoon drive to the mountains is the perfect get-away. 
I have never attempted a heel flap.  I have always done a short row heel.  I watched Donna Drachunas teach the perfect short row heel in this craftsy class.  Super easy and fast!

By the way...I highly recommend all the Craftsy classes.  The are fairly in-expensive and the instructions are pretty good.

I stitched a extended Crosshatch pattern into the leg portion of the socks.  A very simple pattern that looks pretty good.

All that's left to do is finish with a Stretchy Bind-ff The socks are done, but kind of boring and they don't meet the criteria for the Valentines Sock Exchange.....I'll need to dye them.

I soak the socks in a vinegar/water solution before I add the dye powder.

The socks are squished and smooshed in the dye solution until I get the dye saturation I want.

I cover the dish with plastic wrap and microwave for 5 minutes at a time (usually 3 times).  Let everything cool.  The water is usually clear.  

The socks are then rinsed and dried.....


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