Friday, February 26, 2016

Finish 2016 #2

I'm well on my way to finishing some projects during 2016.  Although I have listed a few projects I WANT to finish this year, I am keeping the book for just FINISHED projects.

So one of the quilts that I had on my list to get done from a few years ago was one I called "garden path".  I quilted it, then over quilted with a heavier thread to quilt some flowers.   I didn't like it at all. Then it ended up folded on the floor under my ironing board and my puppy Boots used to lie on it and keep me company while I was sewing.  Boots went to camp during the summer and the quilt has been just hanging around since. 
I was pinteresting one day and saw a whole bunch of posts about making foot stools.  So, this quilt has become 2 lovely foot stools for my living room.  This will keep us from putting our feet up on the coffee table.

I used the following links as the basis for my foot stools.

I measured from the floor to the top of the couch cushion at 14".  I have a 15" square ruler, so it was easy to cut the 15" squares and use the width of my sewing foot as my seam guide.  I cut 6 squares for the cube.  I sewed the squares together into the cube, leaving an opening along one edge.  I had some bean bag pellets left over from making my granddaughter's bean bag chair in the summer.

This is where my plan fell apart!  Have you ever tried pouring a very large bag of bean bag pellets into a small opening all on your own?   Doesn't work very well!  I've made a real mess, but I got it done.


Once I had filled the bag full enough, I hand stitched the opening closed.

A lovely sewn pouf and a practical project as well. Now to clean up the mess.


I had some of the quilt left over and instead of just pitching it, I decided to sew another pouf.  This time I rotated the ruler a little bit and cut the squares on a bit of a diagonal.

Stuffing the pouf was way easier as I used up scraps from the rest of the quilt and some class stitching samples I had laying around.

I still needed more to stuff the pouf so folded and added some old towels and other scraps.  One of the posts I found had suggested to fill the gaps with fibre fill. Since I couldn't find any at home and I wanted to get this pouf done, I just sewed it shut.  This one is a bit softer and will make a really nice seat for a little one.

All that's left to do is print a picture or two and record these in my FINISH 2016 book.

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