Saturday, January 3, 2015

Welcome to 2015

We always start the new year with "where has the time gone"!    Let's not worry about where it's gone...let's just get on with our plans for this year.

During the summer of 2014 I started working part time at WonderFil Specialty Threads.  I was hired to write a monthly newsletter to our retail customers, to our homebased customers and to teachers who use the WonderFil threads.  I have also started writing a weekly/monthly newsletter to our Threaducation Centre supporters.  I have also started writing the CalgaryThreadGirls blog which is our way of keeping everyone up to date on events at the Centre.  AND....I am excited to say that I am looking after the Handi Quilter Training and Rental Studio!  I get to teach and encourage and support long arm quilters.

So, my plans for the coming year?  
to dream about quilting, to think about quilting, to talk about quilting, 
to write about quilting!....and to QUILT!!!!!

As this is my personal quilting blog and the blog I use to promote my longarm quilting business I may post about events at the WonderFil Threaducation Centre and the Handi Quilter Studio on occasion. I expect I'll make a brief comment and attach a link to the Calgary Thread Girls blog.  

I will try to post pictures at least monthly of the quilting projects I have done as well as ideas that I have found interesting and informative.

I'm still available to do custom quilting for you.  Just give me a call.

I am going to re-cap my quilt challenges from last year.  I had a challenge to finish a number of quilts that have been sitting around for quite a while.  My goal was to get them to the next stage.....completed quilt tops, quilted and bound and unfinished quilt tops to the completed stage.

My giant broken star in blues and yellows....Always reminded me of fields of grains and a bright summer sky.  I pulled it out half way through the summer and noticed a diamond that is in the wrong place.  It got folded back up and put away.  I thought I had enough fabric for the backing, but am short.  :(
July 2014, the border is on.  The backing is prepared...just need to load and quilt.   This one is done and on my bed!!!!!   I quilted the dark and light blocks with alternating free hand designs.  I'm very pleased with this quilt.  I will even go so far to say its my favourite.


 Asian Stack and Whack.  This I've pulled out a couple of times.  I was trying to decide on whether or not to make more blocks for a bigger quilt, but have decided to add a yellow and blue zinger and a nice wide border of the print fabric.

Aussie Stack n''s quilted.  I just have to trim and bind.  I'll post more about this quilt with pictures soon. (Completed) We have done much snuggling under this puppy!
 Batik Blazing Star....some strips cut....that's all.   :(   Think I may make this my new year's priority project. The last time I worked on this I was trying to decide on the background.  I don't have enough of any of the fabrics, so it will have to be pieced.  Not gonna shop for anything for this quilt till I get to the backing.   And that's a promise!
AHG Mystery.  I've already completed one of these.  But as with many mysteries, fabric choices are always a challenge.  I want to use the big blue circles for lots of quilting. Hanging my head in shame.....not much more done that what's shown here.  
 Blue and White Dresden Plate.   I see a trend developing.  I see another year of challenges coming on!
 Foothills Sampler. The backing is ready to go.  All I have to do is load it and get it done! I will need to look for a fabric for the binding as I made this quilt so long ago and don't have any fabric left.
 2 Quilts to be given away  (Completed)  These were both completed this year and gifted. 

 Gordian Knot.  not more to say.
Double 9 patch (Update....gave the top away to a friend who will finish it for her daughter!)  Can I count that in the completed column?
 Hand Dyed Lone Star not done
 Hand Dyed Pinks  not done
Western Retreat Mystery (completed in May 2014 and put on display at Heritage Park Festival of Quilts.) completed Woot Woot.  Done and is used every day snuggling on the couch.  I was trying my hand at ruler work and am not sure if I like it or not.  I found it very slow and quite a challenge.  May have to try more ruler work.
 Xs and Os - paper pieced scraps (gave away...see I do check things off one way or another)
This is not the end.  I did get a lot of other projects done.  Some I started from scratch and completed and some I just started.  I think I'll wait a while to start my 2015 list.

Have a great start to your 2015.

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