Wednesday, October 1, 2014

This week's sewing

I am spending the week with my very crafty (talented) parents in Winnipeg.  We are up early to have breakie and a short visit then head downstairs to their designated work spaces.

My Dad loves to putter...he is currently modifying his new shop vac.  Putting it on a wheeled base so that it moves easier and won't tip over!  This morning's task is a new batch of wine!!!!  Won't be ready by the time I head home, but I am enjoying the fruits of his previous labour.  Dad has also spent some time with a young mum from their church.  He is teaching her to do stained glass.  He is in his element!

My Mum is a knitter and quilter.  She spends most of her time downstairs sewing and if not at her machine, she'll be found in the kitchen (cooking great food) or sitting in her chair knitting.  The knitting is usually an evening-in-front-of-the-TV activity.  This morning we're heading down to design a table runner.  She found this runner pinned to the wall in a store and now we get to work out the design for her to sew!

I'm spending the week working remotely and sewing samples for the new Handi Quilter Studio.  I have decided to name each of our 4 machines with flower names that start with the letters A, B, C and D.  I had girl's names chosen, but after thought and discussion ended up with Aster, Bluebell, Calla and Daisy.

I have been working on some little quilts that we can hang on the machines....Not happy with Aster and Daisy. Will have to play some more and may end up re-doing them  They're not finished yet, but you'll get the idea.

I have found these projects to be quite relaxing.  I just stitch an all over design until I get bored, then move onto another design.   Stitched with WondeFil Accent, Spaghetti and Fruitti.  Will post better photos when they are complete.

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